Growing Companies

One of the many advantages clients gain from using our services is the flexibility we are able to offer as we can expand our services to meet their business needs as their business expands.Fast Growing Company

We are the perfect solution for a company establishing its initial business model/unit and planning to roll this out to numerous areas in the future. We will establish the accounting service, ensuring that this works efficiently and set the cost of this for their initial business. The client can then expand safely in the knowledge that they have an accounting system and procedures that work well, it is tried and tested and has a known cost that they can budget for as their business expands into many areas.

Examples of this service was a leisure company based in Ireland for whom we became the complete accounting service for each of the golfing establishments they were purchasing in the UK. Originally we looked after the first golf course they purchased, this expanded to the 6 golfing companies that they acquired throughout the UK.

Similarly we provide a complete accounting service for a company dedicated to the operation of small hotels purchased for investors…based throughout the UK.