Business Partner Model – Case Studies

Business Partner service: Financial Planning

Our clients, a husband and wife ran two separate businesses as well as working together. They came to see us for a review of the structure of their businesses. Following conversations revealed a need to review their personal finances. This led to a restructured mortgage and detailed financial planning for their future to ensure that their financial security and worth is maximised and that this is achieved in the most tax efficient way.

Business Partner service: Performance management and engagement

This company had identified some motivational team challenges within their business and approached us for advise. It appeared a day’s team building could help.We were able to assist them by introducing them to a proven, expert facilitator. This facilitator met with the client and determined clear goals and objectives. This expert then facilitated the event and then gathered the day’s achievements into a report so that nothing was lost from this productive exercise. We are glad to report that the team continues to grow from strength to strength.