Case Studies – Substantial Savings

Substantial savings – a fair approach to fees charged…

Companies with a turnover of less than £5.6m are no longer obliged to undertake a formal audit.  Many businesses are therefore taking the opportunity to review the costs associated with the production of their year-end accounts.

In conjunction with looking at the cost implications we also find that companies are questioning the length of time it takes their accountants to complete their accounts and the amount of real support they feel their accountants are providing for their business.

At WBASL we can substantially reduce the costs associated with the year-end process. We also aim to produce our clients’ statutory accounts in a timely way so that the accounts can be thoroughly reviewed; bonus payments and dividends assessed and accrued in plenty of time for Inland Revenue and Companies House deadlines.

WBASL is also able to offer its clients a pro-active support service throughout the year. This means our Clients can pick up the phone any time of the year for help and advice without feeling that very expensive fees are being incurred and in the knowledge that experienced and qualified support is there for them as needed. The fees we quote for the year automatically include this service.

Here are some of the examples of new business we have undertaken and shows the genuine savings we have achieved them.


  • Life Coaching Specialist:   Fees reduced from £3,500.00 to £1,900.00 per annum  
  • Specialist tool manufacturer:   Fees reduced from £3,200.00 to £1,400.00 per annum
  • Wholesaler of equipment to the medical field:   Fees reduced from £4,500.00 to £2,750.00 per annum
  • Sports goods retailer:   Fees reduced from £2,200.00 to £1,250.00 per annum
  • Insurance provider via the internet:   Fees reduced from £2,500.00 to £1,250.00 per annum    
  • Pharmaceutical Company:   Fees reduced from £4,000.00 to £1,600.00 per annum
  • Consultancy Business:   Fees reduced from £1,300.00 to £850.00 per annum


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