Changes to Payroll

From April 6th employers are legally obliged to provide HMRC with real time information (RTI) each time a payment is made to an employee.

If you haven’t already, now is a good time to consider outsourcing your payroll function to an approved provider like Winchester Bourne Ltd. This can be more economical than managing the whole process in-house and guarantees full compliance with the new regulations.

If you plan on managing your payroll internally, you must:

  • Update all employee records – All your employee records must be complete and accurate. Full name, date of birth and NI number must be correct and other details including full address and hours worked must also be added, together with details for temporary or casual employees, including those who are paid less than the Lower Earnings Limit.
  • Upgrade payroll software – Ensure that you have the necessary functionality and any upgrades that may be required. Your BACS processing software may also need to be upgraded.
  • Provide staff training – All staff involved in payroll processing should have received training either in-house or from your software provider.

If you need any assistance preparing for RTI please contact Winchester Bourne Ltd.  We would be only too happy to help.