Christmas Present Spending Survey

Sainsburys has conducted a survey into our Christmas spending patterns.  It seems that less is spent on our poor grandparents than the rest of the family, with average expenditure of £16.67 for a Christmas gift. 

Mums receive on average a gift of £32.65 in value, with dads not far behind with £27.68.  When looking at siblings it was discovered that people on average spend £20.98 on brothers and £20.42 on sisters.

It will come as no surprise that parents spend most money on their own children, averaging £104.40 per child.  One in five parents said they would spend over £200 per child this year.  The second most money is spent on partners, averaging £78.54.

As a nation of animal lovers, our pets are also treated to an average spend of £8.21.

Here at Winchester Bourne we are busy preparing for our Secret Santa, where we buy gifts for one another anonymously.  (I still don’t  know who bought me the rather fetching furry monkey hat last year!!)  On average it was found that  Brits spend £8.36 on this annual affair.

Often the giving is better than the receiving and 40% of people give gifts knowing that they will not receive on in return.

The survey also found that 60% of people thought that spending quality time with family and friends was what made them most excited. 


We hope you’ve all been good girls and boys for Father Christmas and have a wonderful Christmas!