Taxation – Personal Tax Planning & Advice

Self Assessments and Personal Tax Planning & Advice

Completing an annual tax return (Self Assessment) is a legal requirement for an ever growing number of people. No longer can anyone hope they do not receive a form and therefore have no obligation to file a return – those days are long gone. What is more miss the deadline and fixed penalties apply!

Your return may be very straightforward but depending on your finances and personal circumstances the documentation can vary substantially and in many cases be very complex. This country’s taxation system gets more cumbersome year upon year!

At Winchester Bourne our aim is to ensure first and foremost that you are compliant but we always aim to do so in the most efficient and cost effective way for you.

As with all our services we offer a personal service. A Senior Accounts Manager will be appointed to work with you to ensure full compliance, that you pay the correct tax and no more and that you experience a smooth process. Most importantly you will be insulated from letters from HMRC that, although standard issue, in many cases frighten the uninitiated!

As part of our service we:

  • Process your self assessment returns
  • Deal with all communications and correspondence with HMRC
  • Handle queries raised by HMRC


In addition to this we can advise on tax planning strategies, pensions, trusts etc.

We work with several tax specialist companies, this enables us to introduce you to a range of tax saving strategies.


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