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Anderson Moores Veterinery Specialists

Anderson Moores Veterinary Specialists, located near Winchester, provides the highest quality independent surgical and medical care for cats and dogs from across Hampshire, Dorset, West Sussex and beyond.

The Anderson Moores team takes referrals in soft tissue surgery, orthopaedics, internal medicine, neurology and neurosurgery, cardiology, oncology and dermatology.

"We opened in September 2006 and after a couple of unhappy experiences with other financial outsourcing providers we came upon Winchester Bourne in April 2007.  Since then they have been with us every step of the way as we have grown from 6 employees to our current 180, and as our turnover has grown to over £10m.  Winchester Bourne has adapted to our needs and provides a fully functioning accounts department handling our 4-weekly management accounts, budgets, forecasts, and payroll.  We haven’t had to worry about whether we were carrying too much of an accounting overhead at any particular time, or too little.  Winchester Bourne have been able to provide us with precisely the right level of support and expertise at the right time - and all for a very competitive price.  I happily recommend them to anyone."

Mr Richard Hoile


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