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Stitch-a-Logo Limited

Stitch a Logo, based in Andover, specialise in providing a full logo production environment for business and corporate clients, school uniforms and clothing, sportswear and clubs and much more. Through the use of the latest technological advances, they produce embroidered and printed logos on clothing and accessories with the aim of enhancing their clients' business brand and image.

Working with your clients' existing logo designs, they produce embroidered or printed logos on your choice of clothing or accessories that meet the requirements of businesses individuals.

"We have been working with Sarah and her team at Winchester Bourne for about 12 years now. They provide a range of invaluable services to our company including bookkeeping, vat calculation and submission, Payroll, Pension Administration, EOY accounts, personal taxation….but it doesn’t end there. A member of their friendly team is always available to help and guide us through those tricky little problems that crop up from time to time even providing onsite assistance, at very short notice, for the dreaded VAT inspection.

There are many challenges I face in running a successful business but worrying about my accounts and my accountants isn’t one of them. Winchester Bourne are friendly, approachable, accommodating and very competent. Without them, we would not be the company we are today and I couldn’t recommend them highly enough."

Neil Dyke


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