Time to Think

Time to Think

Time to Think…



A unique opportunity brought to you by Winchester Bourne Limited in collaboration with Dr Paul Fifield.

You are invited to join Paul and me for a thought provoking business strategy masterclass.

I have known Paul since 1991. Paul is an expert in his field. He currently splits his time between implementing customer strategies for very large companies globally and the academic world.

We have developed “Time to Think” specifically for business owner/managers of smaller to medium sized businesses so that they too can benefit from an exceptional seminar style meeting that will allow them the “Time to Think”.

“Time to Think” is specifically about business strategy, how to develop your business strategy and how to put this into practice. Our aim is to inspire and enable you to grow your business and, most importantly, to achieve outstanding profits in the coming years.

By strategically planning how to add real value you will develop the processes needed to grow your business more successfully and more profitably than those of your competitors. This is your opportunity to get ahead of the game!

These exclusive meetings are being held at Hotel du Vin in Winchester. They will run on a series of Tuesdays in the Autumn between 12 noon and 4.00pm. A light lunch will be served.

“Time to Think” will be limited to 12 business people, all attendees will be from different business sectors and you will enjoy a thought provoking business strategy masterclass facilitated by Paul and me.

Chatham House rules will prevail so that you can speak openly in front of your peers and share information and ideas about your company and discuss what you want to achieve in the coming years and importantly start to develop and put in place the business strategy and processes necessary to achieve this.


Time to Think…

From 12 noon to 4.00pm

Venue:   Hotel du Vin Winchester

More dates coming soon...

The meeting will include refreshments and a Chef’s Choice Buffet lunch.

There will be a charge of £75.00 per person (incl. Vat)

Each meeting will consist of six people invited by me. We ask that, where possible, you each introduce one other person to the meeting. From another type of business they will be someone whom you feel will appreciate this excellent opportunity to benefit from a cutting edge, thought provoking, business strategy masterclass.

Knowing Paul as I do these meetings will be very challenging, inspiring and thought provoking. Though the concepts may become easy to understand once you have the “Time to Think”, implementing them is not at all easy but the rewards for your business if you do so will be extremely high.


For a more detailed resume about Paul follow the link to http://www.fifield.co.uk/



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