QuickBooks - Case Studies

QuickBooks - Case Studies

Winchester Bourne has been approached by numerous clients, existing and new, interested in using the cloud based QuickBooks software.

In all cases where the clients approached us before starting the process, they had help with opening balances and had bespoke training on their software.

Our QuickBooks specialists have set up the software working alongside the client to directly reflect their business’ needs.

These clients have all used Quickbooks with much more success than those clients that are self-taught.

Of all the clients who use Quickbooks more than half now have some sort of weekly or monthly accounting input from Winchester Bourne.

The service we provide is very bespoke to you and your business needs resulting in software that really works well for you and your business.


Here are some casestudies that highlight the various ways we work with and help our clients with Quickbooks

CASESTUDY ONE: This company sells luxurious handbags and shoes from a shop in central London and also online.

This client originally approached Winchester Bourne for help with its VAT returns.

It quickly became apparent that the feature of the Bankfeed straight into the P&L was not going to work for this client because receipts were net of card fees, so just letting Quickbooks calculate the 20% input VAT would mean that Sales and VAT would be understated. We set up a process with the client and wrote procedure notes to guide them into creating a monthly sales invoice in the Debtors control with the correct gross Sales and VAT figures. All the receipts from the Bankfeed were then pointed to this Debtor which we then reconciled each month.

The client does all their own bookkeeping but each quarter we log in to review, correct and reconcile where necessary before creating the VAT return.

Our fees for this quarterly work are £45.00 plus VAT per hour.


CASESTUDY TWO: This company sells security internet access equipment. Their principal is based mainly in Spain and Portugal and the software development team is based in Eastern Europe.

This client uses the sales function of Quickbooks to raise their sales estimates and invoices themselves. The bankfeed, all the purchase ledger and the balance sheet is run by Winchester Bourne to keep the accounts up-to-date.

This includes ensuring that the invoices are posted up to the factoring company’s website and reconciling the transactions with the factoring company leaving the Director to get on with running his business.

At any time the client can log into Quickbooks and pull off reports to see the activity and financial position of his company.

We are the complete accounts department for this company, we also complete their payroll and complete the statutory accounts and business and personal tax computations. Our fees for the complete service is £875.00 plus VAT per month


CASESTUDY THREE: This company, based in Winchester, provides project management consultancy to large public sector companies.

After Quickbooks training this client decided that doing their own bookkeeping was not for them. They requested we do it for them.

They send a weekly email with sales invoices, purchase invoices and receipts attached. We process the paperwork to QuickBooks and report back on any bank payments that need to be made. The client can log in and run reports whenever they need to.

Our fees for this comprehensive service are based on £45.00 plus VAT per hour and normally averages between £135.00 - £180.00 plus VAT per month


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