Paying your tax bill is about be become easier

Paying your tax bill is about be become easier


In September last year HMRC launched a tendering process to find an "Open Banking" solution for paying tax bills.

This is about to be provided for all 11 million people who complete self assessment tax returns each year.

Open banking is a method of allowing banks to share financial information with authorised third party companies.

This means that you will be given the option to pay by bank, be transferred to your on-line banking, where you login as normal. The details of your payment will automatically be filled in, including your unique tax reference number and the amount you are paying. The whole process should take less than a minute.

HMRC then expects to extent this service to businesses paying corporation tax and Vat.

If you require help with any aspects of your self assessment tax returns our team are here to help you. Please call 01962 715671 or email [email protected].

There are many times when tax payers find our teams help and experience is invaluable.



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