What you need to know regarding BREXIT

What you need to know regarding BREXIT


Government Guidance: What your business needs to know


(Full guidance is available at https://www.gov.uk/brexit)



  • If you transfer personal data into the UK, there may be changes to how you send or receive personal data from international partners, including the EEA.
  • If you provide services or operate in the EU/EEA, there may be new rules you need to comply with. This could affect your business if:
    • you have branch(es) in the EU
    • you operate in a service sector within the EU
    • you’re planning a merger with an EU company
    • you or your employees travel to EU/EEA countries for business

You will need to check the regulations and visa requirements to understand how changes could affect your business

Grants to help cover expenditure related to Brexit preparation up to £50,000 are available to businesses based in Northern Ireland and guidance can be found at https://www.investni.com/get-ready-for-brexit/brexit-preparation-grant.html


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