Taxman shows leniency over digital tax

Taxman shows leniency over digital tax


Around 120.000 businesses missed the tax deadline for Making Tax Digital for filing their VAT returns digitally in August, no doubt this have now increased significantly now that the September filing date has passed too.

HMRC could have imposed cumulative fines running into tens of millions of pounds after one in four companies failed to comply with new filing rules in time.

Are you ready to file your VAT returns digitally?

If not at Winchester Bourne we have the solutions for you. From filing digitally using software packages such as Xero, QuickBooks and Sage to having our own bridging software available to enable your spreadsheet based transactions to be filed digitally.

Please call one of the team at Winchester Bourne and we will help you to stop worrying, to sort the problems out easily and to make sure that you are fully compliant so that when HMRC do start to impose penalties and fines you are not amongst the companies receiving really bad news!


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